Saturday, November 14, 2009

Before We Begin

This blog-site is being established to provide the serious student of black history an additional avenue for gathering information. There's a wealth of little talked about or over " LOOKED" information about the history of black people before slavery with in and surrounding the psyche associated with the transatlantic slavetrade! Over whelming amounts of information exist on a global level from the beginning of recorded history. I would like to share my findings with my fellow cyber seekers out there. From time to time i will recommend a book or author, for additional research. My hope -being an amateur historian as i call myself is to inspire the new generation to step it up a notch. In Germany, Russia,France, just to name a few are volumes of information hidden in a country's language. I believe that the information presented will also show how inter connected we all have always been, we were just known by different names in the remote past. One more thing I really need to touch on before i proceed! History & Religion walk hand in hand the farther back we go . But you must first understand the cultures. Everything will not be presented in chronological order, I have my faults. last thing if you don't mind,I would like to share with you the "Event Horizon" of my amateur existence. I'm in Atlanta when two exhibits open, one being king tut the other known as the first emperor. the history surrounding the boy king we kinda know. the radio ads stated that the first emperor was born two hundred years before Christ, ruler of the known world,etc,etc. this is the emperor that had the life size terracotta army with soldiers, horses and chariots--that's life size statues! now what got to me most was the fact that they didn't tell us he was of BLACK heritage. you see during this time and space,china was ruled by the CHIN dynasty who happen to be black. that really got to me that out of forty people no one knew. WOW [my people are ignorant from lack of knowledge] WOW again. SO here we are,so buckle up and enjoy the ride were headed for that next out-posting up ahead--Sakanouye Tamuramaro aka The First Shogun!