Saturday, February 13, 2010


Sakanouye Tamuramaro was born in 758A.D.and died 811. He was an African whose family had migrated from Korea many generations earlier. He was known as the Paragon of Japanese Military Virtue, the first to hold the title of Sei-i-Tai Shogun. Sak-Tamura's public and family life is well documented. He lived during the early Heian Period (794-1185c.e.) a time in history which gave birth to the Samurai Warriors who modeled themselves after Tamuramaro. (must have a drop of black blood to be Samurai Warrior) . After the failed attempts by the Japanese Military troops against the AINU the emperor decided to call upon Tamura. His success was one of his greatest military achievements. The Emperor bestowed the title of Sei-i-Tai Shogun upon Tamura making him the first to hold this title. He was also the first military statesman of Japan.

Later generation of military officers visited his tomb to ask for strength before starting on their military campaigns.