Thursday, October 11, 2012

Series OF Events

Greeting and well wishes to all! Its been two and a half years since i started this blog but after only two posts I had to leave you. MY mom life as well as mine was changed by Alzheimers ,followed by lung cancer. SHE went to meet her maker FEB.2012 and its taken me this long to get myself together. Today is 10-11-2012, I will have new information available this weekend and will continue to add new and informative posts. I never stopped outlining material for your enlightenment. One thing I discovered was that I had too much info for this blog. SO due to the vast amount of information I've gathered this site can not address other issues surrounding Black History.   I will be adding four new POSTS which are as follows. BLACK HISTORICAL ACHIEVEMENT DESPITE SLAVERY 1401---to---2012.,        BLACK EUROPEAN HISTORY--REMOVING THE VEIL                       BLACK ABSTRACT THOUGHT--CONTRIBUTIONS THAT CHANGED THE                                                                                                             REAL  The first blog historical achievements despite slavery deals with over coming on another level ! contributions made to society during turbulent times to say the least covering the years from the early 1400's to the present.                                                                                Black european history removing the veil deals with borrowed. stolen ,or assumed HISTORY not accredited    to black people. BLACK ABSTRACT THOUGHTS --ideas that changed the world from art science medicine,etc.etc..Anl last but not least REAL TALK a place where we can talk about todays issues and how we can help each other during these economic times. Again I'm sorry for the delay but I will make it up to you. Thank you for your patience.MUCH LOVE--PEACE OUT!!!

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